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When I first starting blogging, I wrote a lot of beauty content. It was kind of the done thing back then, the beauty blogging community was huge and every new release resulted in a flurry of posts. It was kind of great, because it meant that if you were on the fence about a product, there were at least 50 reviews across the blogosphere, just waiting to help you make a decision. But on the other side, it also meant that lots and lots of unnecessary items were bought, photographed, written about and then forgotten. No-one needs seven different moisturisers and five neutral eyeshadow palettes, but if you weren’t buying and blogging about the newest, hottest item, you were irrelevant. For this reason, I kind of fell out of love with writing regular beauty features and they stopped appearing on Moving Scouse. Over the years, however, beauty blogging became less about new releases and much more about finding a small, select set of products that come highly-recommended – much less waste, and far more valuable. While Moving Scouse has evolved away from being primarily a beauty blog, I still really love finding vegan, natural and planet-friendly cosmetics and toiletries, and I’d like to start sharing them with you again! To start off, I’m featuring my current vegan skincare routine, along with a set of  toiletry essentials that I just could not do without.

K&K Beach Clay Mask

Vegan Skincare

To start my vegan beauty routine off, I use a clay mask two to three times a week. I’m currently using the K&K Beach Clay Purifying Masque, which I won quite a while ago, but I also have a tube of Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Mask waiting to be used. While there are thousands of masks on the market, I always opt for a mud-based one, as it really soothes and smoothes my difficult skin.

Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash

Next up is my Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash. I use this twice a day, and in the evening it doubles as a make-up remover. That means I can skip the cotton pads and the extra waste that they create. I picked this face wash up on a whim, when I was out and this was the only vegan skincare option they had, but I actually really like it and would buy it again and again. Being a mum and therefore permanently tired, my skin can look dull very quickly. This gives it a bit of radiance, so I can pretend to be totally awake.

Jason Revitalizing Vitamin E Cream

PHB Anti-Aging Eye Gel

Speaking of being a perma-knackered parent, I’ve recently started using anti-aging products. I’ve always been sort of opposed to the whole ‘anti-aging’ thing – you age or you die, as a recent Women’s Health article pointed out, so aging should really be interpreted as a sign of excellent vitality. However, I hit the wrong side of 25 a few months ago, and combined with my permanent state of where’s-the-damn-coffee mild tiredness, my facial skin has been prone to wrinkles that weren’t there before. In fact, why don’t companies call these products anti-wrinkle cosmetics? Are they concerned we’d throw them in the dryer in an effort to reduce the need for ironing, or…? Anyway, I’ve been using Jason Revitalising Vitamin E Cream, which was fantastic all summer and autumn long, but isn’t quite strong enough for my awful winter dry skin, alongside PHB Ethical Beauty Anti-Aging Eye Gel. While my eyes still crinkle when I smile (damn it), I feel like the area around my eyes is less shadowy and much more lively since I started using it. I’ll take that! I’m a huge fan of PHB’s vegan skincare and cosmetics, and I also swear by their mascara!

Felt Flower

Apart from vegan skincare, there are a few other toiletries that I felt deserved an honourable mention in what appears to have turned into a beauty-catch-up post:


It’s really difficult to find a good brand that is both vegan AND aluminium free, but PitROK has been doing the trick for me. Remember when crystal deodorants were all the rage, except they didn’t really work at all? Well, PitROK is the same crystal, but it comes as a liquid in roll-on or spray form, in various different fragrances, and it’s so much more effective. The only thing to take note of is that you absolutely must use it on freshly-washed skin, otherwise it isn’t effective

Dry Shampoo

Unlike the fit girl stereotype, I don’t use dry shampoo in lieu of washing my hair very much. What I DO use it for, however, is to help my naturally fine and sort of limp hair re-gain some texture, and to add grip when I’m attempting more complex braided styles. Many of the mainstream dry shampoo brands are vegan, so you won’t have any trouble sourcing an ethical option. If you’re after a bit of luxury, there are vegan options at the higher end, too! Klorane was crowned the best dry shampoo and is made with oat milk, because oats are pure magic.

Fake Tan

I’m not one to walk around bright orange, but in the winter months, I really enjoy using Bondi Sands Gradual Tan Lotion. It’s an all-vegan formula, the results are just enough to keep me from passing for glow-in-the-dark and, most importantly, it really nourishes the skin. I struggle with very dry skin in the colder months, so it’s important to me that anything I use helps me moisturise (if that made you think of Lady Cassandra on Doctor Who, congratulations and can we be best friends?).

And that concludes my current vegan skincare and toiletry guide! Is this a topic you’d like to see more of? And can you recommend any really good creams to get me through the winter/central heating season?




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