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vegan pancake toppings

So you’ve made it through Veganuary (excellent) and have decided to give this vegan thing a longer run (also excellent). Then pancake day happens. You don’t want to miss out. I understand. Fortunately, there is not a single vegan in the world who would want you to miss out on pancake day. To help you along, I’ve written you a pancake recipe (just leave out the savoury season-all and add a bit more liquid to make these shrove Tuesday appropriate). Today, I’m also sharing five all-vegan pancake toppings with you for a healthier, but still traditionally sweet feast!

vegan pancake day toppings

1. Lemon & (Coconut) Sugar

Who can resist the original topping of pancake day pancakes? Use fresh or bottled lemon juice, and add coconut sugar* instead of the usual stuff for a twist!

2. Lime Juice

Instead of lemon, try some lime juice for a tropical variation on a classic twist.

lemon and lime juiceSweet Freedom

3. Dark Chocolate Chips

If you like chocolate pancakes, plain chocolate chips can never go amiss! I find that baking chocolate chips into my pancakes makes them stick to the pan too much, so I sprinkle them on once I’m finished cooking, but while the pancakes are still hot. There’s nothing quite as delicious as melted chocolate on a hot pancake! Psst – Asda, Aldi and Morrison’s own-brand dark chocolate chips are all vegan.

4. ChocShot

A huge fan since Sweet Freedom first brought ChocShot* to the market, I’ve always got some in the cupboard. Drizzle a little onto your pancake for a delicious vegan chocolate sauce.

5. Chocolate Nut Butter

If you’re missing chocolate spread, but want to go for an option that’s both a little healthier and free from dairy, chocolate nut butters are your solution. I’ve been using this chocolate-almond butter and it’s delicious. It’s so rich that you only need about a teaspoon, so the tub lasts for ages, and it’s nipped my craving for less healthy alternatives right in the bud. Although I still wish Morrison’s would bring back that vegan budget-range chocolate spread, but who doesn’t…

I hope this quick post is helpful! If you have any pancake toppings that are absolute staples in your household, let me know in the comments. The more ideas we can share, the better.


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