Vegan Bagel Fillings

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Vegan Bagel Fillers

Bagels are definitely my favourite lunch box food, but when I decided to stop eating dairy cream cheese and the vegan alternative was just a little bit too expensive and too disgusting, I felt stuck. Of course you can always have peanut butter bagels, but that gets old. For anyone who finds themselves in the same situation, here are my favourite Vegan Bagel Fillings.White Bean Dip & Cucumber

White Bean Dip BagelThis is a great alternative to Hummus and tastes wonderfully garlicky. You can find the recipe in Chloe’s Kitchen.

Chickpea Salad Bagel

Chickpea Salad BagelThe recipe I used here is the PPK Chickpea Salad recipe. I have to admit that I kind of miss egg salad sandwiches, and this is the perfect substitute!

Avocado Bagel

Avocado Bagel

Is there anything nicer than avocado? I’ve simply sliced it up here, drizzled it with lemon juice, layered it onto the bagel and sprinkled with salt & pepper. Yum.

Seitan, Salad & Mayo Bagel

Seitan Bagel

A slightly more protein-filled, substantial variety, I’ve sliced some seitan cutlets, added cucumber and tomato  and drizzled the whole thing with vegan mayonnaise. I love taking this to work, it makes me look forward to lunch time quite a bit.

What are your favourite vegan bagel fillers?


6 Replies to “Vegan Bagel Fillings”

  1. There’s something so satisfying about the warm chewiness of a bagel! You covered some of my favorite bagel sandwiches. The one I have most often is a layer of hummus with avocado slices and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast flakes.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I really don’t like hummous but my fiancé loves it, so we’ve always got it in the fridge! My favourite is a blueberry bagel with cream cheese made from soya yoghurt. Yum.

  2. I like cinnamon and raisin ones just toasted and spread with vitalite. I’m not so keen on savoury ones asi like to cram fillings in my sandwiches and they fall through the bagel holes. I do like a fresh, naked onion bagel when I can get one!

    1. Cinnamon Raisin is lovely, especially for breakfast!

  3. Mm, great ideas! I like pesto with lettuce, cucumber and corn.

    1. I’d never thought about corn! Must try that.

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