Christmas | Vegan Advent Calendars – 2017 Edition

I love making a big thing out of Advent – we put our tree and decorations up the last weekend before December (more on that soon), start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas films, and we start baking cookies. I’m not quite at the skill-level of my mum yet, who makes Christmas truly magical, but I’m working my way up there. One thing my parents always did, which I’m keen to replicate for my own child, is create hand-made (or at least hand-filled) advent calendars for my brother and me. This year, I’ve made Isla a little advent house. It’s a hobbycraft frame, which I’ve painted with white chalky-finish paint. For the accents, I used decoupage, red acrylic paint and an absolute fucktonne of glitter, alongside some stickers. The snowglobe ones were on sale for 75p at Paperchase on Black Friday – how cute are they!? The whole thing looks kind of a mess and a bit ‘rustic’ (told you my skills weren’t quite there yet), but it’s just for her, which (I hope) makes it special. On Friday morning, Isla’s calendar will be filled with small toys for her kitchen, some chocolate, and some snack bars – trying to keep it healthy-ish without ruining the magic.

If you’re not really into crafting your own family’s vegan advent calendars or you just need one to materialise fast because HOLY HELL DECEMBER STARTS IN LESS THAN 72 HOURS, I’ve made you a handy list of suggestions below! Something to note: There are lots of toy-filled advent calendars available for kids, which I haven’t included, because they’re kind of obviously vegan. I think they’re a great alternative if you have spare cash to spend, especially because they’re totally sugar-free ;).

Here’s my list of ready-to-buy vegan advent calendars on the market this year, listed in no particular order. There are plenty of traditional chocolate options, alongside some more creative ones if that’s your groove (I really want to get Jake the beard oil one next year…). Psst – you might need to go for next-day-delivery.

1. THE  BEARDED MAN CO Beard Oil Advent Calendar – £30.00

2. HOUSE OF NEWBY Tea Advent Calendar – £55.00

3. DIVINE Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar – £4.95

4. YANKEE CANDLE Tealight Advent Calendar – £21.99

5. HOLLAND & BARRETT Chocolate Advent Calendar – 3.99

6. HOTEL CHOCOLATE Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar – £12.99

7. H&M Jewellery Advent Calendar – £24.99

8. MOO FREE Chocolate Advent Calendar – £3.00


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