Valentine’s Day | 3 Toddler- Friendly Valentine’s’ Crafts

Toddler-Friendly Valentines Day Crafts

Ever since Isla was old enough to draw and paint, I’ve been trying to do some crafting with her each week. I’m not very good at it and always wished I was a bit more artistic, but I’m loving the simple projects we make together! Last week, we spent our Friday testing out three simple Valentine’s crafts to see whether they were toddler-friendly.

Valentines Crafts
Hobbycraft pink paint

Inspired by the amount of amazing ideas floating around on pinterest, I chose the three projects by how simple they were and how easy it would be for us to source the materials. Today, I’m sharing these valentine’s crafts with you, along with links to the original instructions and my thoughts on how toddler-friendly they really were. I also made some initial modifications to make sure everything was safe for my little one – acrylic paint is probably not the best thing to use when you’re two years old…

1. Conversation Heart Boxes

The first thing we tried was these conversation heart boxes. We used normal paint instead of acrylic paint here, as mentioned above. While this was one of Isla’s favourite projects and she was super involved in painting the boxes (and a lot better at it than I was), swapping out the paint type made the end result a bit blotchy and chalky. They’re still very cute, but not quite as pretty or nice to touch as you would expect. We also used alphabet thickers instead of painting the words onto the boxes, which worked really well! We used these heart-shaped boxes, which would also be perfect for maché crafts. Overall, this was a really fun craft, but next time I might use wooden shapes to paint instead of boxes, as the thick paint makes them a bit difficult to open and close.

conversation heart boxes
valentines crafts - painting heart boxes

2. Valentine’s Day Photo Card

The second in our trio of valentine’s crafts was a handmade card. This was possibly the most toddler-friendly project. Although I did all of the cutting, Isla was able to do all of the gluing, which she loved. Because we bought pre-cut photo frames, all I had to do was trim the coloured paper to the right size, which didn’t go to far beyond my skills… The end result is a card that’s really personal and pretty enough to be treasured over the years.

3. Card Heart Wreath

This card heart wreath was the simplest of our valentine’s crafts, but it was bizarrely also the least toddler-friendly. It basically consists of cutting pieces of pink card into strips, which Isla can’t do, and then stapling them into hearts, which she also can’t do. That being said, she did help out by passing me the strips of card and arranging them into the wreath before we did yet more stapling. I would wait a few years before we repeat this, though!

paper heart wreat

Who else is crafting for Valentine’s Day, and what are you making? Let me know in the comments!

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