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The VeganKind Beauty Box April 2018

Hello! I’m still here, I promise! I’ve hit a really busy period, both at work and at home, so my blogging time is limited at the moment. But I’m still trying to create quality content regularly on instagram until things calm down again! Today, I’m excited to share the latest TVK Beauty Box with you.

After February’s edition, subscribers got a little surprise update: instead of quarterly, the box is now shipped bi-monthly. This means more regular exciting products shipped to your door, but still spaced out enough to justify the slightly higher price point. It’s true, the TVK beauty box is almost twice as expensive as most subscription boxes on the market. However, having been a subscriber since the service first started, I can confidently say that close to £20 every other month is more than justified. The value of the box is regularly well above £50, most products are full-sized, and there has never been a perfume ‘sample’ sachet in sight ;). But I digress – on to TVK April 2018‘s contents!

TVK Beauty Box - April 2018 edition!

B. Micellar Water

If you’re looking for a vegan micellar water, this is your girl. Personally, I’ve actually stopped buying any type of make-up remover and instead have just been using cleanser. This is a decision I made in an effort to reduce the amount of plastic and waste I generate in my beauty routine. However, I know that this doesn’t work for everyone’s skin routine, and I think using micellar water in the evenings is an excellent alternative. You can technically get away with it being your only night-time cleanse product, as it removes makeup so thoroughly while also cleansing and refreshing your skin! So all-in-all not something I would purchase again, but highly recommended if make-up remover is an essential part of your skin care routine.

Bilou Cotton Candy Foam Lotion

I’ll be honest – I was sold on this product as soon as I opened by TVK April 2018 box, mainly because it’s German and reminds me of home. The smell is divine, and it does an excellent job of moisturising – as you would expect from a moisturiser…?! I don’t know where I was trying to go with that sentence. Apart from being straight from the homeland, my favourite part about the Bilou foam is that the packaging is fully recyclable. Proof that cute AND eco-friendly is possible!

TVK April 2018 Beauty Box - now bi-monthly instead of quarterly!

Dr Botanicals Charcoal Face Mask

I haven’t tried this yet, but charcoal masks are all the rage at the moment and I have high hopes! I try to do a face mask twice a week, but constantly forget… someone remind me?

Medusas Makeup Lipstick in Sugar Daddy

I’m not sure about the name of this lipstick, but the quality and colour are amazing. I love it when makeup items are included in the box, because I so rarely have time to research and purchase any on my own anymore. The TVK April 2018 box has absolutely delivered on this front – I think this lipstick might become a staple, and it also included…

Bellápierre Glow Roller

A 100% mineral makeup company, Bellápierre have outdone themselves with this roller. While I love using subtle highlighter, I usually can’t be arsed with the faff of loose powders – I always get them everywhere! This roller glides on really smoothly and precisely. It also blends like a dream and isn’t ultra-shiny.


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