Turin Brakes at the Kazimier, Liverpool, 05.11.2013

Turin Brakes Kazimier 1

Hellooooo terrible pictures! What can I say, I’m not the best photographer under the most convenient conditions, what do you expect when you pair me & a phone camera with this kind of lighting…Turin Brakes Kazimier 4 Turin Brakes Kazimier 5

But for those of you that managed to scroll all the way down the pictures and have arrived at the text: You may or may not know that Turin Brakes have been my absolute favourite band since my fiancé introduced me to them. I love them so much I listen to them every single day. Since it’s my birthday next week, my lovely husband-to-be decided to treat me to our first night out in ages, consisting of a meal, cocktails and, of course, the Turin Brakes concert. We arrived fairly late (blame the drinks…) and didn’t see much of the opening musicians, which was a bit disappointing since the one song we did hear was brilliant. If you’d like to hear more after this thorough and comprehensive description, do check out Kevin Pearce.

Turin Brakes themselves were incredible. I’d never seen them live before, and I was really impressed by how well they played. I’m also glad to report that they had their priorities absolutely right – the gig was solely about the music and not about looking cool or ego-boosting, as is the case with man of the other bands I’ve seen. The band were absolutely together, and I was pleased to see that they played their guitars far above the height of there knees, which is always a sure sign of the musicians knowing how to actually play their instrument. Their setlist was perfectly balanced, with a good selection of older songs as well as the focus on their new album, We Were Here. This was the We Were Here tour, after all. Apart from being excellent musicians, the band also displayed their skills in hanging copious amounts of knickers from a drum kit without disturbing the instrument’s sound. We were all very impressed.

I’m not going to go into too much detail because I believe that over-analysis tends to ruin these things, but the entire event was flawless. What made me especially happy was the atmosphere in the crowd – there was no elbowing, no shoving, no pushing to the front. Every single person was nothing but excited to be there and happy to be sharing the music with everyone else, which is something I’ve never experienced before. It was honestly the most relaxed and enjoyable concert I’ve ever been to, and it makes me hope that there will be many more concerts of the sort to come.

Have you seen Turin Brakes live? Aren’t they amazing?



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  1. November 12, 2013 / 5:08 pm

    I do think gig-goers are getting more polite in recent years, although maybe I’m gravitating to naturally less rowdy gigs!

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