The Sunshine Award

Before I start – you might have noticed that my blog is looking a lot better than last week. This is mostly thanks to my great friend Lars, who’s game reviews can be found at It turns out he is a lot better at being a webmaster than I am. I say ‘turns out’, we’ve known this for the past 6 years.


The lovely Helen of Tea in the Tub has nominated my for a Sunshine Award, which I would like to thank her very much for. I’m really flattered and was so excited when I found out. I love reading this type of post, but I’ve never been tagged before, so never wrote one!The concept is as follows:

-Share 11 random facts about yourself
-Answer the nominator’s 11 questions
-List 11 bloggers you’d like to nominate
-Post 11 questions for the nominated bloggers and notify them of the nomination.

11 Facts about me

11. I’m short. 5’1″, to be exact.
10. Due to the above fact, hemlines below the knee are my very personal kind of hell.
09. I speak German, English, and a tiny bit of French.
08. I’ve lived on 3 different continents.
07. I never wear sandals, not even in Summer, because dancing en pointe has turned my feet into hideous things.
06. I turned vegetarian when I was 12, and vegan at 18.
05. I’m watching Breaking Bad as I type this and am having issues comprehending the plot as I’m only half paying attention.
04. I love chocolate. A lot.
03. I am the happiest I’ve ever been, and every day I become happier.
02. Science-Fiction and Fantasy make my life. Not exaggerating.
01. I suffer from chronic tension in my back and shoulders. Pain.

11 Questions Answered

1.  What would your last meal be?

Chocolate. Hands down
2.  Favourite movie/TV show?

Gilmore Girls!
3.  What is your favourite piece of clothing that you own?

My black leggings. I get more wear out of them than any other item I’ve ever owned.
4.  Favourite scent?

5.  Would you rather have a chocolately dessert or fruity one?

Take a guess….
6. Name a weird habit that you just can’t shake!

This is a tough one. Maybe having to nibble something everytime I go to the kitchen?
7. Name one beauty product that you continuously repurchase.

Bûche de Noël – Lush. Every Christmas.
8.  Which is more important to you: Skincare or haircare?

9.  Do you have any pets?

I had a cat, Tinto, but he died a few years ago :( <3
10.  Name one thing you couldn’t live without.

My husband-to-be :)
11.  Favourite item of makeup?

BB Cream. Best thing ever.

11 Questions for you

1. What is your favourite vegetable?
2. And your least favourite?
3. Favourite band?
4. Who was the first musician/band you can remember listening to?
5. And your first live concert?
6. What unavoidable bit of housework do you absolutely hate?
7. Chocolate or Vanilla?
8. If you could travel anywhere, where would you choose?
9. If you could learn any language in a day, which one would it be?
10. What is your favourite book?
11. And a weird one to finish – which book do you love that you hate the film adaptation of?

11 Bloggers

The Oxford Owl
Seitan Is My Motor
Vegan in Brighton
Deerly Beloved Bakery
Paris Vegan
Ana Goes Green
Beauty and the Baker
Geordie Giraffe
Floral Frosting
Lima Bean Lover

5 Replies to “The Sunshine Award”

  1. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I don’t think I can take part because I follow so many great blogs I don’t want to single only 11 out, but I do appreciate your kind thought.

    There’s no such thing as unavoidable housework ;)

    1. I feel your pain, I read so many but ended up choosing the ones I relate to most.
      Haha I wish I could just avoid housework! Unfortunately, my nerves don’t hold up to mess and I have to clean to calm my brain :D

  2. Love the new layout – it didn’t show up on my mobile and thanks again for the mention, I will eventually get around to responding :)

  3. thank you so much for the nomination! I will answer all the questions at the weekend when it’s my day off X

    1. No problem, I love reading your blog :)

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