Review: The VeganKind Box 6

A little bit late this month, I’m finally getting around to writing my review of the latest The VeganKind box! Technically, this should have taken even longer, seeing as I was planning to spend today working on my Drama research project. After completing the first draft of my IR RP on Friday, I gave myself a day off yesterday. After running today, I opened my Drama document, got upset at how much work was left to be done and promptly closed it again. Instead, I’ve spent the day watching Hairtwoheels on youtube. If you’re interested in exercise and healthy eating, I highly recommend this fabulous lady’s blogs! She’s also started posting pregnancy updates & workouts recently, which has resulted in increasing my already generally high broodiness levels. Anyway. The box!As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ve been trying to stick with the Tone It Up method of eating, and this month’s box has been perfect for that! I thought that was worth mentioning, as I feel like the only comparable service available in the UK is very focussed on vegan snacks and sweets, which I’m trying to avoid!

20140409-121604.jpgThis month’s recipe came from the rather fabulous Vegan Cookie Fairy, who has created a delicious chocolate tarte, using the coconut sugar included in the box. As usual, 10p from every box go to an animal charity!

20140409-121612.jpgThe first thing in the box was the Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk (full size). I have traumatic memories of regular chocolate milk from my primary school years (it was so digesting I can’t even tell you, you could taste the chemicals and everything!) and I’m happy to say that this vegan, all-natural brand did not bring any of those back. I shared the 200ml pack with Jake and it was gone in a flash!

20140409-121620.jpgSecond up was a lavender lip balm. I have about 10 million lip balms and I’m trying to work systematically through them, so I gave this a few tests runs and have stowed it away in my box of cosmetics, ready to replace the one I’m currently using when it runs out. Or, you know, when I lose it. The Freya Luna lip balm (full size) is really effective and smells delicious. I usually use products with lavender against particularly bad break outs, so when I first applied this I kept thinking my lips were going to dry out drastically, but it actually leaves them super soft and smooth!

20140409-121628.jpgLandgarten has previously featured in The VeganKind subscription box with their chocolate covered pumpkin seeds (full size), and they received rave reviews, If anything, their soya snacks are even better. These would have been perfect to take to the library with me and nibble on during dissertation work, had they lasted long enough. It’s a pity about my self-restraint, really.

20140409-121645.jpgAgain, an old favourite brand has returned! Clearspring has featured a few times now and each time I couldn’t have been happier with their product. The Fine Cut Nori (full size) will definitely be making an appearance in salads over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram feed!

20140409-121655.jpgAs has been the case with the last few boxes, an energy bar of sorts was included. And, in keeping with tradition, it was my least favourite item in the box! Although I much preferred it to a lot of the date-based bars that have been included (the only brand of those I’ll eat is Nakd… don’t ask me why), it just wasn’t really up my street. I don’t know what it is with my and bars, but I’m really picky about them! If you like nut and seed bars, however, then Creative Nature‘s Sublime Seed Bar (full size) is the thing for you!

20140409-121636.jpgLastly, my favourite product of the bunch! I’ve been dying to try coconut sugar, but it’s such an expensive item and I didn’t want to spend lots of money on it if I wasn’t sure it would be something we’d use very much. To date, I’ve made two batches of breakfast muffins with the Coconom Coconut Sugar (full-size) and they have been amazing! This is definitely a product I’ll be buying again, although it won’t become a complete substitute for regular sugar…. it’s just too expensive for that!

Overall, the contents of the box are worth £14.13, that’s more than the cost of the box and UK postage together!

Are you a subscriber to The VeganKind box? What is your opinion of this month’s box?


Disclaimer: I receive a 50% blogger discount on my subscription. This does not affect the honesty of my reviews in any way!


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