Review – Prima Spremitura Delicate Liquid Soap & Moisturizing Body Lotion

Prima Spremitura is a product line by a Tuscany-based company named Idea Toscana. Their product range is based on their use of organic olive oil and they state that their products contain no animal products whatsoever, making them an interesting addition to the suitable-for-vegans cosmetics market!

I was lucky enough to test two products from their range – the Delicate Liquid Soap and Moisturizing Body Lotion. I was also sent a few sample sachets, but I’ve not had a chance to try them yet. As you can see, the design is a little bit retro and not necessarily what I would have been drawn to in a shop, but that’s hardly something to complain about. Both full-size item contain a decent amount of product, something I find particularly important with liquid soap, since that always seems to disappear really quickly.

The 500ml bottle of Delicate Liquid Soap has been a rather nice thing to use. We usually use bars instead of liquid as it’s a bit more economical, but this has been an indulgent treat! I suffer from terribly dry hands in the winter and I feel like every time I wash my hands with this my skin gets a little moisture boost. Apart from that, the soap isn’t anything particularly special and I’m not sure whether I’d pay the £11.50 price tag for it. A thing to note is that both products have a deliciously spiced olive scent to them. It’s very rustic and I’m not sure it’s for everyone, but I personally love it and it’s definitely something that makes these products special.

The Moisturising Body Lotion was definitely my favourite out of the two. Again, it has the distinct smell of spice and olives. A little bit of this goes a long way, so I think the price of £10.50 is justified if you take into consideration the high quality of the ingredients. The lotion has definitely made a positive impact on my dry legs. I’ve even found that I don’t need to use it everyday. My skin stays moisturised for about two days each time I use it! Talk about efficient! This is a product I would consider repurchasing as I love how easily it applies, how well it works and how nice it smells, along with the fact that there’s nothing yucky in the ingredients!

Have you tried any Prima Spremitura products? What did you think of them?

Prima Spremitura products are available in the United Kingdom the Simply Naturale‘s website.

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for review purposes. I would never falsify my opinion in a review and if I don’t like a product, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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