Review: Lush Christmas Bath Bombs – The Melting Snowman & Luxury Lush Pud

These two bath bombs were part of a recent trip to Lush. I took one of the pictures in the dark, let’s see if you can guess which one :D

Melting SnowmanIt was this one, of course. But I really wanted to use The Melting Snowman and I hadn’t taken a photo so this had to do. This is a bath melt rather than a bath bomb, meaning it doesn’t really fizz but contains soothing oils that leave your skin wonderfully soft. But then, what Lush product doesn’t have that effect?! I absolutely loved the smell of this, it’s exactly like mulled wine without the alcohol stink. If you’re not a great lover of spicy smells this might not be ideal, but if cinnamon and cloves are your thing I would suggest you stock up!

Luxury Lush PudLuxury Lush Pud is a slightly different version of the Lil’ Lush Pud that was found on the shelves in recent years. It turned my bath bright purple, which was an absolute delight, and is claimed to have the same scent as my absolute favourite Lush product, Twilight. I can confirm that the two are indeed very similar, soothing and lavendery, although I’m not entirely sure they’re exactly the same. It looks so cute though!

As always, Lush have managed to combine beautiful smells and skin-soothing products into little balls of christmas fun. I have a few more products from the Lush christmas range to review, so look out for their posts!

The Melting Snowman (£2.25) and Luxury Lush Pud (£3.40) are available from Lush stores or from their website.

Have you tried any of this years christmas products? What do you think of them?




  1. November 28, 2013 / 1:50 pm

    I’m in the mood for a nice long bath now!

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