Review: Barry M Royal Glitter Collection

Review: Barry M Royal Glitter CollectionHello again! Have you all had a nice Christmas? I certainly have. I was initially going to post a cookbook review today, but truth be told I can’t really talk about food at the moment, so that’s going to be postponed until next Sunday. Whoops.BarryM Roayl Glitter Collection NamesInstead, I’m posting a review of these beauties. Remember my not-so-glowing post about Barry M‘s Matte Nail Varnish Collection? Well, the Royal Textured Glitter Collection is absolutely nothing like it. The five varnishes were an impulse buy after I’d tried one of their older textured polishes and loved it, and I’m pleased to say that they exceeded all my expectations. Before I show you the individual shades, I have some general comments. Firstly, I was amazed at how long these lasted. Nearly a week without any chipping is certainly a record, especially considering I only used one coat most of the time and never employed a topcoat. Glitter varnishes are always a pain in the arse to remove, but I have to say that this collection is not as bad as I had anticipated, despite being textured AND glittery. If you’re still looking for something luxurious for a New Year’s party, I would highly recommend them!

BarryM Royal Glitter PrincessPrincess is a perfectly sparkly pink and therefore automatically my favourite. This was the first bottle I tried, before I realised that one coat would be enough, so the picture shows the product after applying two coats.

BarryM Royal Glitter MajestyA slightly muted golden shade, Majesty is the perfect choice if you want to add some subtle glitz to a monochrome party outfit.

BarryM Royal Glitter LadyA pale white, Lady is the one shade I think could have benefited from a second coat. Nonetheless, the staying power was remarkable and I love the white shimmer.

BarryM Royal Glitter DuchessDuchess is a much more muted, almost rose-gold, dusky pink. This is my least favourite of the bunch, although I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe the shade just doesn’t appeal to me.

BarryM Royal Glitter CountessLast but not least, Countess is a dark, royal purple. It doesn’t come across very well in the picture, so you may have to search the internet for a more authentic swatch. In the bottle, this looks brown, which led to some initial confusion when I began applying it. But really – brown glitter nail varnish? What was I thinking?! The purple looks rather lovely in real life.

Barry M Royal Textured Glitter Collection Nail Paints are available from the highstreet or the Barry M website for £3.99 each. 

Have you used these nail paints? What did you think?




  1. Sarah
    December 29, 2013 / 4:07 pm

    Kleiner Tipp um Glitternagellack loszuwerden: Kauf in der Apotheke so Tücher die für Babys gedacht sind. Die fusseln nicht. Dann schneidest du die in cirka Fingernagelgrösse, ertränkst die Tücher in Nagellackentferner, legst sie auf den Nagel, Aluminiumsfolie rum, cirka 10 Minuten so lassen und schwupps, alles weg ;) Geht sicher auch mit den normalen Baumwollpads, finde aber die anderen Dinger besser weil billiger und wie gesagt die fusseln nicht :D Benutze nurnoch die zum Nagellackentfernen ;)

    • December 29, 2013 / 4:15 pm

      Das werde ich demnächst ausprobieren, vielen dank!

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