Review: Barry M Matte Collection

Barry M Matte Collection

Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win one of Barry M‘s Facebook competitions and was sent all five shades of the new Matte Collection. I was very excited for these, but I have to say that I’m a little bit disappointed. While all the shades are lovely and are easy to apply and remove, I had some difficulties with them. All shades chipped easily due to not using a top coat in the hopes of retaining the matte effect, and I have to say that my nails stayed matte for a maximum of two days, after which they started to wear down and become a weird, greasy shiny which just looked a bit dirty.

Barry M Matte Nail Paints
On the plus side, most of these only need a single coat with a base coat to achieve full coverage and the phrase ‘as exciting as watching paint dry’ is given an entirely new meaning. Watching the glossy wet paint on your nails slowly turn matte is the most entertaining thing I’ve witnessed in a long time. Does that mean my life is boring? Blame being a final year student.
Barry M Matte VanillaVanilla is possibly my favourite shade of all, it’s slightly more pink than the picture shows, easy to apply and, in my opinion, lasted the longest of all the paints in the range.
Barry M Matte CaramelCaramel is possibly my least favourite. The texture was a bit strange, it didn’t go on smoothly and the colour just does’t go well with the tone of my hands at all.
Barry M Matte MochaI loved the shade quite a bit, but it just didn’t stay on my nails for very long, and looked uneven and muddy after only a few hours of wear. I think I’ll be staying with my glossy brown shades from now on.

Barry M Matte CrushI’d like to make an exception to my overall verdict for Crush. Although I’m generally not the biggest fan of red nail paints, this one went and stayed on beautifully, and the matte effect stayed in place for nearly a week.
Barry M Matte EspressoLastly, Espresso is a beautiful black shade. I initially thought this was an absolute winner, as it was easy to apply and looked absolutely beautiful on the first night, but after 24 hours my nails turned shiny, which defeats the entire point of the varnish.

Overall, I enjoy using these paints but will definitely not be repurchasing any of them. I’m a little bit sad to be writing a  negative review on a brand I love so much, but not everyone can like everything equally and honesty is the most important thing when blogging!

These paints are available at Superdrug & Boots for £3.99.

Have you used Barry M‘s Matte Nail Paints? What did you think?


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