Pregnancy | Third Trimester in Reflection


Now that Isla is well over a month old, it’s high time to share my third trimester experiences!
Lots of people told me that the second trimester was the one they really enjoyed, and that the third trimester was absolutely exhausting. That was only partially true for me, and while I certainly felt the exhaustion of having an extra two stone to carry around, a fully-formed head wedged in between my hips and a gigantic bump ruining my balance, I also experienced a sudden surge in energy that allowed me to finally up my workouts again and enjoy the nesting phenomenon. 

I loved exercising and mainly did my Tone It Up workouts, using light weights. For cardio, I alternated between using the elliptical and doing walk/jog intervals on the treadmill. I’m really glad I stuck to that, because it means that I kept up my stamina and am still able to run 5k without major exertion now that I’m not preggers anymore. I am also convinced that keeping up my fitness levels played a major part in managing to get through a difficult labour relatively unscathed, but that’s a story for another post.

As I neared the end of my pregnancy, I certainly began to feel the strains. The extra weight was not something my body was used to, and I started feeling exhausted from everyday tasks. My hips began to hurt, and during the last two weeks, I could barely walk. I waddled everywhere and tried to avoid moving more than was absolutely necessary, and the pain got so bad at times that I cried just at the prospect of having to walk. From about 36 weeks, I really had to slow down a little bit. This was frustrating at times, because I’m used to going full force all the time, but it was definitely necessary! Instead, I focussed my energy on housework. I packed my hospital bag, washed tonnes and tonnes baby clothes (and there are still items that haven’t been washed… babies end up with a lot of clothes, I tell you!), cleaned every room from top to bottom about twenty times and, I’ll admit it, I watched a lot of Netflix. 

Looking back, the third trimester was the least eventful of my pregnancy, which was nice after the craziness of the first two. I finally managed to relax a bit and focus on preparing for our new arrival. It seems so strange to thing back to pregnancy now that she’s here, it almost seems like it wasn’t quite real, but I’m holding on to the memories as much as I can and I’m glad I did lots of scrapbooking. I can’t believe that my next pregnancy post, the birth story, will be the final one! 


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