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Reducing waste with plastic-free toilet paper

Plastic-free toilet paper? Yes please!

Waste reduction is having a real moment, with initiatives from carrier-bag bans to single-use cup charges becoming more and more common. While there is a limit to what impact an individual can have when large-scale businesses can produce tonnes of waste without batting an eyelid, I do believe that we have a responsibility to at least think about our plastic consumption, and to reduce where we can.

plastic-free toilet paper in the UK from Who Gives a Crap

Loo roll, for me, has always been something that comes packaged in plastic. I’ve never seen it sold any other way. When I started becoming more interested in green living and eco-friendly products, I thought the best I could do was to buy recycled toilet paper. Which, by the way, is more expensive than its non-recycled counterpart – HOW is that allowed? You see what I mean about impact of businesses and their actions, but I digress.

I’d seen adverts for Who Gives a Crap and their colourfully wrapped plastic-free toilet paper a few times, but never really wanted to commit to buying a giant box. Then, a few months ago, I discovered their free trial, which at the time allowed me to try out every single one of their products for the cost of shipping. I received their recycled and their bamboo toilet paper, their kitchen roll, and their tissues. The trial seems to have slightly changed now and only includes both types of toilet paper, but I still highly recommend it if you’re on the fence! I, for one, haven’t looked back, because…

WGAC recycled and eco-friendly plastic-free toilet paper
  1. There is literally no plastic involved

    Who Gives a Crap arrives with each roll packaged in paper, in a cardboard box. No plastic required. 

  2. Plastic-free toilet paper is actually quite good value for money

    I thought it would work out way more expensive than regular loo roll, and I still think that buying conventional toilet paper is probably cheaper. However, the difference in price isn’t half as large as I would have imagined. The rolls are double-length, meaning they last quite a while (and only need half the external packaging). Our box of 48 rolls cost £36 including delivery, and I expect it to last close to 6 months – I’ll update this post when I know for sure!

  3. The packaging is really funny

    Okay, so I guess this is debatable. But ours arrived in a giant carton that said ‘you have a nice bum’, which did make me giggle. Unfortunately, it was delivered to a neighbour, which was only a hair short of mortifying, but I guess it’s a great conversation started…!?

  4. Options, options…

    We all know I’m all about the options. Personally, I have no issue with using recycled toilet paper, but I know that some people really dislike it. Rather than making their plastic-free toilet paper inaccessible to that demographic, Who Gives a Crap introduced a ‘luxury‘ version made from bamboo. It’s a bit more expensive (hooray, at least this company have managed to get that the right way round), but it’s still plastic-free and a sustainable option, as bamboo grows WAY faster than trees.

  5. They build toilets where they’re needed most

    I’ve got two degrees in the subject, so sustainable development is a topic really close to my heart. It’s a really complicated issue, which I won’t go into now (but if you want a post on the topic, let me know!), but essentially, there are a lot of ‘development’ charity initiatives that do more harm than good – think charitourism! The most important thing with external development initiatives (ie projects where funding/resources etc come from outside the local community or even country) is that, when the helpers leave, the positive impact remains. A lot of the time, this doesn’t happen, but when you’re building toilets, it does! There are still a lot of places in the world with poor sanitation, which can lead to really severe public health problems, amongst all sorts of other problems. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of their profits (which is way more than most companies!) to their charity partners working on sanitation projects. Turns out they give a crap after all!

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