My Top 10 Bedtime Reads

My Top 10 Bedtime ReadsWhen I was little, my parents would read to me every evening, without fail. I grew into an avid reader and read thousands of books throughout my childhood and teenage years. Now that I have a job and a lot of academic reading to do in my free time, I don’t manage to read quite as much fiction anymore, which is a bit of a shame. However, I try to fit in a little bit of leisure reading every evening when I go to bed. Even if I just manage to read a few clicks on my kindle pages, I always feel like I’ve finished my day in a soothing and relaxed manner.

Today, I want to introduce you to my Top 10 Bedtime reading materials!

1. The Colour of Magic  – Terry Pratchett
This is one of my favourite series ever. I adore Terry Pratchett, and while The Colour of Magic isn’t his best, it’s the first book of the Discworld Series, which everyone should read!

2. A Short History Of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson
I read this last month. It’s not fiction, but it’s a really interesting account of where life and the world (may have) come from.

3. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
Nope, I haven’t seen the film. Nope, I don’t want to.

4. Marina – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
I actually love all of Zafon’s books. This one seems to be flying under a lot of people’s radars, which is a shame, because I think it’s one of his best.

5. The Map of Time – Felix J. Palma
A must-read for Zafon fans. I saw that there are now sequels to this, they’re on my to-read list!

6. Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman
This was the first Gaiman book I ever read, given to me by my favourite English teacher ever. I’m going to see him read from his newest writings next month, I can’t even tell you how excited I am!

7. Anybody Out There (Walsh Family series Book 4) – Marian Keyes
I love Marian Keyes, and this was the first of her books I’ve ever read. It’s such a perfect portrayal of life, death and grief. No one does human emotions like Marian.

8. The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling
I know a lot of Harry Potter fans didn’t like this, but I actually loved it. It’s such a fitting criticism of society. I like to think of it as a story about the lives of the neighbours Petunia Dursley liked to spy on over the fence.

9. A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin
Please write faster, George.

10. The Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien
While I love the Lord of the Rings, those books require some serious commitment to get through. The Hobbit is a much lighter, easier read to fit in for half an hour before bed, but no less magical.

What are your favourite books? Let me know in the comments!


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