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My LUSH summer favourites in 2018

A bit of a colourful post for you today – I’m showcasing our family’s favourite Lush summer 2018 products! Throughout my teens and early twenties, I was a huge Lush fan. Especially as a new vegan at the time, the idea of fun, eco-friendly and completely cruelty-free bath and beauty products was a complete novelty, and it quickly became my favourite treat. I even showcased it plenty of times on this blog! In recent years, my priorities have changed. As a young mum, I didn’t have time for baths or spare cash for £8 shampoo. I also didn’t have the time or energy to navigate a pram through the always-rammed shop, and as a result, the products I used to love so much dropped out of my life. 

My LUSH summer favourites in 2018

A little over a month ago, Isla and I were wandering down Whitechapel, and caught a whiff of that unmistakable smell. “What’s that smell, Mummy?” was a question I could answer all too well, so on an impulse, I took her into Liverpool’s Lush shop. It was a relatively quiet day, so we could browse in peace, and we had great fun sniffing all the different products. My little toddler was completely blown away by all the smells and colours and the staff running around demonstrating bath bombs. Witnessing the whole thing through her eyes was kind of magical! I gave her free reign to choose two favourites to take home, and I think I’ve created a tiny Lushie. What can I say, she’s EXACTLY like her mother!

My LUSH summer favourites in 2018
My LUSH summer favourites in 2018

Our Family Favourites

Isla’s first choice was Yellow Submarine, a traditional two-layered bath bomb that smells divine and turns bath water bright orange. She will not stop talking about this (even now, as I type this post, she took one look at the photos and shouted “MY SUBMARINE!!!”), and I’ve since picked up another when I wanted to get her a special treat.

She also chose Modfather, which is a Father’s Day limited edition bubble bar. I never use a whole bar in one go, so this has lasted her for about three baths, and the bath water goes a lovely deep blue. It also totally reminds me of the mod wolves in The Mighty Boosh…

For Jake, we always pick up Avobath. He loves the smell (must be the lemongrass) and it’s really good for sore post-workout muscles. The scent is really bright and fresh, without being fruity, which makes it a perfect choice for the warm(er)* months. 

Finally, my personal Lush summer-season pick is Creamy Candy. It’s one of the store’s cheaper offerings, and I love the sweet frangrance. I usually use it stretched over two baths, which helps to tone down the intensity somewhat. It also helps my dry skin!

My LUSH summer favourites in 2018

I’m kind of pleased that Isla and I have re-discovered Lush together. A large proportion of their products are plastic-free, they’re actively pursuing naked, unpackaged products and being free from cruelty is their core value – I’m completely on board with all of that! What are your favourite Lush summer products? Bonus points if they’re family-friendly!

*I nearly said “for the hot season”, then remembered we live in the UK, where summer lasts for two weeks, after which we go straight to the depths of winter.

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