Lush Review: Halloween Bath Products 2013

Lush Halloween Products 2013

It’s the last day of October, which can only mean one thing: witches, sweets and spooky stories. Happy Halloween! Halloween is something I’ve never really gotten into. I loved it as a child, but in more recent years it’s just not something I was interested in. Therefore, there has been severe lack of Halloween posts on this blog. I think the reason is mostly that we have neither children of our own nor trick-or-treaters coming by (our front door is very hidden -> no pizza flyers) and decorating and baking specifically for this one occasion seems pointless. We did make some Halloween-themed cupcakes for our nephew’s visit earlier in the month, so maybe it will become more of a thing in our house once our family grows a bit. No, that’s not a hint. Sorry.Something I did get into, however, were the Halloween special edition bath bombs at Lush. I’m a bit of a Lush nut, and embrace any reason for some limited edition products. This year, there were two bath bombs and one bubble bar available in Lush stores. The online shop still has a few available, so be quick if you want to try them!

As usual, I apologise for the quality of my photos. I need to practice more and maybe invest in an actual camera, rather than my phone, but I love just being able to snap away without having to carry around an extra gadget! Also, if I was a wee bit better at photography in general, my phone would probably be just fine.

Soot Ball

The first product in this line is the Soot Ball. It looks like it would turn your entire bathtub sluggy grey, but it actually ends up being glittery gold. Of course, that still makes it rather messy, but I think it’s worth it. All three bath bombs made my skin extremely soft, as we have come to expect from Lush. It smells beautifully autumny and is therefore the perfect product for a cold evening.

PumkinPumkin, a relative of the Mothers’ Day limited edition Mumkin, is in fact a bubble bar. My bath turned a beautiful bright orange with LOTS of bubbles. The scent is orangey, which confused my nose a little bit. I think I was expecting pumpkin spice. But it was still lovely. My only criticism would be the piece of liquorice that is the stem – I forgot to remove it before chucking Pumkin in the bath and had a random sweet floating round my tub.

Lord of MisruleSaving the best for last, Lord of Misrule might be one of my favourite products ever. Spicy, vanilla-y smell, which somehow also reminded my of blackcurrant, although there is none listed in the ingredients. To me, this was like a fresher version of the Twilight bath bomb. Not at all malty, but still similar. I may be imagining that though. Either way, this was my favourite of the three, and I was extra pleased to discover that it was big enough for two baths. I was trying to break it in half, but actually discovered that it consisted of two layers. I light smash against the tub with loosen the outer layer, revealing a smaller, pink bath bomb on the inside which can be kept for another bath. I’m not sure whether this was intended by Lush, but I love it.

Have you tried any Lush Halloween products? I’m so excited to try some of the Christmas pieces!





  1. November 7, 2013 / 11:20 pm

    I’m gradually falling in love with Lush now my skin is not freaking out but I was unsure about the bombs and bars from other bad experiences. Totally tempted to try them now though especially with the special Christmas themed ones that are in store! I giggled at the liquorice bit :) such a child

    • November 7, 2013 / 11:26 pm

      I was so distracted by the liquorice. It looke like a little pumpkin poo or something :D some of the christmas ones are lovely, I hope I’ll be able to afford a few :)

      • November 7, 2013 / 11:45 pm

        Hahahaha between that and breaking the other I was well and truly tickled! We may be able to fit in a visit on Sunday…

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