Lovely things in November 2013

I know everyone complains about November (the dark, the cold, the rain, yeah yeah…) but I must confess that it’s my favourite month of the year. I’m properly settled back into uni, it’s my birthday month, christmas preparations are in full swing (no Thanksgiving in the way in Europe…) and there’s plenty of hot tea. But there’s also an element of closeness with family. As everyone starts to sort out their Christmas/Holiday/Winter plans, more phone calls are made, discussions are had and travel tickets are booked. While I won’t be spending Christmas with my family this year and it’s making me a little bit sad, I’m also very excited to be spending this year’s festivities with my fiancé and his relatives. It’s our very first Christmas spent together, we’ve been apart the last two winters, and to me it feels like one of the first milestones of being a real little family.Of course, these things are hard to catch in pictures. I could have posted a picture of myself on the phone to my dad, but that would be weird. So. Here are a few of my favourite things this past month!

Christmas Coffee

Christmas Coffee Cup 1 Christmas Coffee Cup 2Specifically Costa Coffee. Or, even more specifically, their cups. I’m not overly impressed with their Christmas range this year, as most of it is a regular drink with cream on top and therefore pointless for vegans. Sad. But the cups! How cute!

Seasonal Candles

Winter Candle PrimarkBloggers all seem to have hoarding tendencies when it comes to scented candles, and I’m no exception. But really, who can resist filling their house with the scent of winter, spice and baking?

Birthday Cake

Vegan Birthday CakeJake made this for me and I think it’s a pretty damn good effort! Beneath the icing was Chloe Coscarelli’s Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, which I would describe as the best birthday cake I’ve ever had if my mother wasn’t such a brilliant birthday-cake maker. It’s safe to say I’ve definitely not been deprived of amazing birthday cakes! The rest of the day was perfect as well, we went to Ikea and bought some home-improving items. I could spend all my money there.


tea & research

This might sound like a bit of an odd thing to choose, but I find the winter months to be the best time to work on uni-related things. I have lots to do, seeing as I’m in the final year of my degree, and sitting in my cozy front room with some delicious tea and my books makes me incredibly happy.

How has your month been? Have there been any particular highs or lows?



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  1. November 30, 2013 / 2:14 pm

    Happy (belated) birthday! I loved November this year since it was my first trip to Paris! I’m looking forward to December since I’ll get to spend time with the family.

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