Live A Better Life Fair – Liverpool, October 2013

Anandas Marshmallows

Last Saturday, Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall played host to the Live A Better Life, or LABL fair. It was a great event, showcasing vegan products & organisations from all over the country, including but not limited to Vegan Runners UK, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. This was amusing, we walked past a woman openly being rude to Greenpeace members purely because she supports Sea Shepherd. I don’t believe this behaviour is representative of either charity, but a quick google search will tell you more about the background. Either way, I hate it when random people think they have the authority to introduce rivalry and bad vibes to an event that is attended purely by people with a common cause. Fuck off and feel superior in your own four walls.

Consider it... bespoke chocolate Consider it...bespoke chocolate2 Goody Good Stuff Haul Miss Cupcake Herself Miss Cupcake Selection Miss Cupcake Stall1 Miss Cupcake Stall2 My Cupcakes Vegusto Sandwiches

Anyway, back to the topic. I didn’t manage to capture everything but the pictures showcase some of my personal highlights. Will’s Vegan Shoes were there, who will be opening their online store soon. I’m really excited, find the company on facebook if you’re interested in a sneak peek!

Ananda Foods showcased their brilliant marshmallows (and vegan baking products!), of which we bought several. We were even given a free Marshmallow Pop, yum!
Consider it… had some amazing samples of her homemade Scottish chocolates. So amazing in fact that we’re considering ordering our wedding favours from her! See what I did there? But really, it was delicious.
As you can see, we bought a MASSIVE bag of Goody Good Stuff sweets. They were intended for lunch box treats, but they didn’t last too long…
The rather brilliant Ms Cupcake brought an impressive spread. We recently bought her book and absolutely love it, so we just had to buy four cupcakes, of which we ate half each. Truly amazing, I wish Brixton was a bit closer! My Cupcakes were also there. We didn’t get to try any of their products, purely because we were totally high on sugar at this point, but their selection looked rather lovely. Although the company used to offer vegan baked goods as a free-from option, I was told that they have now switched to purely vegan baking, which I think is great!
In case anyone needed a non-sweet fix, Vegusto  were providing sandwiches and sushi rolls.

We had a really great time and can’t wait until next April for the next fair! This time, we’re going to arrive before ten to be in for a chance with the free goody bags. This time we were entrants number 201 and 202, when the first 200 were presented with a bag. The irony :D


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