Life Update – Why I’ve Been Absent & An Interview with the TVK Founder

Hi everyone!

No music today, I’m afraid, but the feature will be back on the road next Wednesday. I’ve had an absolutely manic time at uni, including two deadlines and a field trip to Belfast to study peace & conflict, and dissertation writing is well and truly begun – I never thought I’d see the day! Wedding planning is also slowly making progress and with all that going on as well as having committed myself to a regular health & fitness regime (which I’ll be talking about on here very soon!), blogging has been neglected a little bit recently. I’m a bit less stressed out now though, so there will hopefully be a few more posts over the next couple of weeks!

What I have managed to do blogging-wise is submit this month’s contribution to Vegan HousewivesAs you’ve probably noticed, I’m completely in love with The VeganKind subscription box, and I had the chance to interview the creator for this contribution! I’m very excited about it, click the link if you are, too!

Are there any specific types of post you’re interested in? I’d love to hear some feedback!



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  1. January 22, 2014 / 11:46 pm

    Sounds like you have a ton of rally good things going on! Congratulations!

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