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Green People - Organic Children - Berry Smoothie Shampoo & Bath & Shower

Raising a little vegan is the greatest gift, no questions asked. But having kids comes with its own set of challenges, which have turned me into a perma-worried stereotype. I worry about everything. Is she eating enough? Is she eating enough of the right things? Is she happy? Does she have everything she needs? Is she embarrassed by her World Book Day costume because it’s not as cool or creative as some of the others’? Maybe that last one is a bit far-fetched for a two-year-old, but you get the picture. Recently, I’ve been particularly worried about the impact the freezing cold weather and dry heated air are having on my little one’s skin. I struggle immensely in the winter months, with painfully dry and cracked patches all over my face, and I’ve been worrying that littles is heading in a similar direction.

I’d really like to spare her the pain and discomfort of my winter skin if I can, so this month, I decided to switch her over to a more natural skincare regime, using gentle and organic products. I’ve tried quite a few Green People items over the years and have been quite taken with them. So, of course they were my first point of call when I couldn’t find a high street product that ticked all the boxes. The company have a huge range of vegan products, don’t test on animals and use a high proportion of organic and natural ingredients – absolutely a business that I can get behind!

After going back and forth about the price (£10 for a bottle of shampoo is a lot), I decided to take advantage of a discount code (keep an eye on the Green People’s instagram page for lots of these!) and order some essentials. I bought Isla some shampoo and some shower gel as well as a few sample sachets, and told myself we’d give them a good test run. If they made her dry skin better, they would be worth the money. If they made no difference, I just wouldn’t buy them again.

Organic Children by Green People: Shampoo and Bath & Shower products

We’ve now been using the Green People Organic Children products for roughly a week, and our first impression has been highly positive. The first thing I noticed was that both the shampoo and the shower gel are completely colourless, which is a good sign for me as it means there are no unnecessary dyes involved. The scent is pleasant, natural and fruity without being overpowering, and fun enough for children to enjoy using the products – anything that helps avoid bath-time tantrums is a plus in my book! I also think Isla’s skin is less dry, despite us having quite a significant drop in temperature which had made me anticipating terrible skin reactions.

I’m pleased with Green People’s kids’ range so far, and if the positive first impression holds up, I will continue to spend a little extra on my child’s skincare products if it means she’s comfortable. Also, because she’s so small, she doesn’t actually need very much product at bath time, so fingers crossed these two bottles last us a long time…


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