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Green Beauty - Vegan Brands you have to try in 2020

As has been well-established across the entire internet, IT’S 2020! New decade! New me! New you! New skincare! Okay, maybe not all of those. Two weeks in, though, this year is shaping up to be pretty amazing for the vegan and cruelty-free movement. And it’s no longer just about being free from animal derivatives. Consumers are paying attention to the environmental impact of all elements of their purchases. More and more products are carrying claims of ‘green beauty’, vegan brands are enjoying huge popularity, and putting snail gel on your face is no longer a popular idea. Progress!

Whether you’re trying to expand your plant-based lifestyle from your plate to your face, or whether you’ve been on the #veganbeauty train from the very beginning, this post is for you. I’ve put together five vegan green beauty brands that I highly recommend trying this year!

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Green People

It’s no secret that I’ve been using Green People* for a long time, and have had the pleasure of working with the brand in the past. It’s one of the most established green beauty brands, vegan products are clearly identified on their website (with the vegan society logo), and they deliver high-quality products with commitment and consistency. I always find myself returning to Green People, and favourite products include their Gentle Cleanse & Make-up Remover, Age Defy Exfoliator, and their Children’s range.

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Dr Botanicals

I’ve used a few Dr Botanicals products over the last years, and they are my absolute favourite brand for moisturiser. I love their Tropical Invigorating Cream as a day cream and their Turmeric Night Cream for, well, the night-time. Most recently, I’ve been using the Lemon Rescue Butter morning and evening, and it has absolutely saved my skin during the rough first half of this pregnancy. I also love that much of Dr Botanicals’ products come in glass jars or aluminium tubes – I wish this was the case for the rescue butter, too!


You can’t really talk about green vegan beauty brands without stumbling across Lush at some point. They hardly need an introduction, but I’ve been using them so much that it didn’t feel right not to include them! Current favourites include their solid shower gels (psst – cut them into three to make them last longer!), shampoo bars, and fresh face masks. Anything packaged in their black pots is part of a closed-loop low-waste recycling system – provided you clean them out and bring them back to the store, of course. Returning five pots will earn you a free face mask, too!

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Australian brand Sukin is quite new to me. I received their Foaming Facial Cleanser in a beauty box, and have recently started using it. I’m particularly enjoying the lack of strong fragrance and how well it removes make-up! The masques and tinted facial sunscreen are next on my to-try list. Sukin are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, support a number of environmental intiatives and offset their emissions. They also use completely recyclable packaging – although I’d love to see them ditch plastic completely where it’s reasonable!

Green Beauty Vegan Brands
Green People products


UpCircle Beauty are another established favourite. Based entirely on the basis of utilising things that would usually end up in landfill, the brand have created face and body scrubs, as well as my #1 skincare item – their serum, all from upcycled used coffee grounds. Most recently, they’ve expanded their range to include a cleanser, moisturiser, and face mask, all of which I can’t wait to try. Their packaging is incredibly low-waste, with very little plastic involved. Upcircle also try to encourage re-use as much as possible. For instance, you can buy ‘refills’ of their serum, which just have a metal lid so that you can re-use the plastic pipette from your last bottle.

One thing is clear – green vegan beauty brands are on the up, and there’s no going back. What are your favourites? Please share them in the comments so that I can give them a try!

5 Green Vegan Beauty Brands You Have to Try in 2020
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