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After a little more than a week off recovering from surgery/stitches, I got back to running late this week! I also completed my longest run so far – a full eight miles! I’ll be explaining how I prepared for and got through the run a little further down!

After a catastrophic six-miler last week and then over a week of no running at all, I was a little bit worried about my stamina. I eased back in with some cross-training on Wednesday (Tone It Up’s new Body Bliss routine!) to get my body used to moving again, and then ran a surprisingly comfortable three miles on Thursday. My pace is increasing again slowly but surely, although I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll probably be a bit slower than I was before pregnancy for a while, at least partly due to the amount of hills we have around here when I was used to doing all my outdoor runs on more or less flat terrain!

On Saturday, my schedule called for a full eight miles. After a good run the day before, I was quite excited for the run, but also really nervous. The longest I’d ever done before was slightly over six miles and I didn’t know whether I could do it. To prepare, I did a bit of googling. I made sure I had carbs the night before, even though I usually avoid them after 3PM. I also had some toast for breakfast to make sure I had energy from carbohydrates immediately available. I carried a 750ml disposable water bottle, as well as some money to buy a second one along the way, and made sure I would pass a shop on my route. I also packed some Dextro Energy and ate one tablet at every full mile from four miles onwards. I took short walking breaks to cross roads, eat and sip water, which gave me little rests without impacting my pace too much. 

The whole thing went so much better than I had expected. It was hard, but it wasn’t that hard, I managed it averaging just under an 11min/mile pace, which isn’t bad for me as I’m still working on speed, am still carrying around 9.1 kg than my ideal weight and had to tackle a few massive hills on the way. I ached during the night, but had more or less recovered by the next morning. I’m actually quite looking forward to my next long run!



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