Fitness | The First Three Weeks of Training


Since I kind of failed at posting updates about the first two weeks of training, here’s a little recap of how training has gone for the past 21 days!

The first week went really well. I ran two three-milers and two four-milers, got in all the scheduled runs and my cross-training (stretching routine) and, while the two longer runs were a bit tough, I finished the week with a positive attitude. I was especially pleased that I had managed to complete two runs over the christmas holidays!

Week two was very similar, although I replaced the two four-milers with five-milers. Again, they were a struggle, especially since I had to do them in training shoes since I left my Asics at the in-laws’ (oops), but I got through it and was really pleased. My cross-training was a yoga routine.

Week three has been far rockier. My three-mile run on Monday went really well, running the first two at a comfortable pace anc the third a little faster. The five-miler on Tuesday, however, was a huge struggle. I couldn’t find my stride at all and ended up doing lots of walking rather than the scheduled progression run. Because I had done so badly, I decided to at least push myself distance-wise and completed six miles, which was my scheduled long run this week. I’m glad I did, but it exhausted me so much that I decided to take Wednesday as a rest day. I was going to run on Thursday and Friday, but ended up having stitches takes out rather clumsily and the resulting small wound means I can’t run until mext week at the earliest. So now my schedule is somewhat off. I’m hoping to start again in the middle of next week, otherwise I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage the distance!

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