Fitness | A Half-Marathon Journey

Today marks the first day of half-marathon training! I’ll be running in March after my plans to run one last year were somewhat put on hold after getting pregnant. Now that our little poppet is here and happy, I’m getting ready to face that challenge again.

Since the most I’ve done so far is a 10k, training for a half marathon is likely to be quite the journey. I’m a little bit afraid, but I’m also really excited and ready to take on the challenge.

Since I’ll be pushing myself quite a bit to meet the distance rather than just doing my usual 5k fun runs, I’ve decided to dedicate the training process and race to my charity of choice, Amnesty International. I would be incredibly grateful if you were able to donate any loose change on my Just Giving page.

I’ll be posting a review of each training week here on the blog, in part because reading about my struggle will most likely be rather entertaining, and in part because it will be an excellent reflection exercise for me.

Wish me luck!


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