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Pumpkin Picking OOTD

Me, trying to pose and parent at the same time.

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram Stories, asking whether you’d like to see my inofficial pumpkin theme continue on until the end of November, or whether it should stop at Halloween. Personally, I’m for all pumpkin everything ALL THE TIME, but I get that that’s note everyone’s vibe. You seemed pretty split, though, as the results came in 50-50! So I’ve got one very special pumpkin post for you today – my pumpkin-picking outfit. I think this might be my favourite post of the year. Next month, I’ll share one more pumpkin post with you, talking about all the non-wasteful things you can do with pumpkins. Then, we’ll move on and I’ll find something else to write about/obsess over/take photos of.

Pumpkin-Picking Outfit

Family Day Out Pumpkin Picking

You know all those gorgeous photos of women wearing glamourous autumn outfits, sitting on haybales with perfect polished pumpkins? Yeah. That is not what pumpkin-picking is like. A pumpkin-picking outfit needs to be able to withstand mud and burst pumpkins (especially after the amount of rain we’ve had up here). It needs to allow for plenty of range of motion, especially if you’re chasing a toddler through said mud and climbing over giant pumpkins to get to that one really perfect gourd. On top of all of that, it needs to still look good, because pumpkin-picking is prime family photo time.

Found our Pumpkin!Pumpkin Field

After a bit of agonising, here’s what I went for.

  • Leggings – always leggings. These particular ones are from Victoria’s Secret, but only because both of my favourite pairs were in the wash. I’m a leggings girl through and through, and if I have the choice, I always go for the Fabletics Lisette. They’re sturdy, super-flattering, and give me an instant flat tummy!
  • Layered Tops – It’s been quite chilly around here recently, so I’ve been layering a lot. Both layers are Hollister tops that are quite old, but similar styles still exist on the site. I love Hollister for tops and layers and find that they last me for years. Top shopping tips: Their online sale section is great – I’ve never paid full price – and they have recently starting selling quite a few fake-leather items clearly labelled as vegan!
  • Denim Jacket – My denim jacket is a £5 ebay find after I spent WEEKS trying to find one that I liked and would fit my budget. You can find quite a few similar denim jackets on Lyst – this online fashion resource recently reached out to me to introduce their concept and I wish I’d known about it earlier! It’s a bit like a fashion search engine. You enter what you’re looking for, refine by various details like price and material (a must for vegan shoppers!) and it shows you a multi-brand catalogue to browse. Much easier than trawling through individual retailers’ websites! I’ll be using this much more often in the future. A note on the materials filter, though: it’s inclusive rather than exclusive. This means that if you’re looking for synthetic shoes, for instance, it will also show you shoes that contain leather AND synthetic elements. Make sure you double-check individual products!
  • Vans – Like leggings, Vans are non-negotiable for me. They’re my favourite shoe brand ever, and unless I’m at work, I wear them year-round. Vans have a large range of clearly-marked all-vegan styles, too! Bonus: Canvas Vans are washable, which is a must after pumpkin-picking.

Picking Pumpkins

What to Wear for Pumpkin-Picking

Topshop Denim Jacket

I’m happy to say my pumpkin-picking outfit survived the day out. Our shoes went straight in the wash and are clean again, and we have a rather lovely pumpkin (called Bernard) hanging out on the doorstep, ready to greet trick-or-treaters. We won’t carve him, though, and you’ll find out why in my last pumpkin post of the year!

Have you been pumpkin-picking this year? What are your top tips?



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