Fantasy Christmas Wishlist

When it comes to christmas gifts, I’m usually in the nice-but-useful corner. Practical things that will get a lot of use and won’t be outdated the second they’re unwrapped. This year is much the same, especially since anything that could help with the household or the wedding is greatly appreciated. Or Endnote, for that matter. *hints*.
But after seeing so many wish lists and gift guides on other blogs, I just couldn’t resist putting together a little fantasy collage of my own. Maybe someone is still looking for inspiration for a treat for a loved one, or is like me and just likes snooping at other people’s christmas wishes. The more I think about that, the weirder it gets, I don’t know what it is about collages on blogs that we all love so much. Anyway, I digress. I’m still learning how to use GIMP properly, so don’t judge my poor attempt too harshly.

Wishlist1. Lush Scent in Snowcake, £23.00
Vegan perfume is hard to come by, and nice-smelling varieties are sheer impossible to find. Lush have brought out 5 of their popular scents as online exclusive limited edition perfumes, and Snowcake is my absolute favourite!

2. Will’s Vegan Shoes Knee Length Boots, £79.00
This is definitely an item I don’t need, since my current boots will last a good few years to come, but high-quality vegan boots are difficult to find and I thought these were lovely. A girl can dream!

3. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Isa Does It, £15.57
I would have bought this an absolute age ago, but there seem to be publishing issues with it in the UK. So far, I’ve only been able to find it on Book Depository. Isa is my favourite cookbook author, I have almost all of her other books and I adore her recipes!

4. Pop Boutique Wednesday Dress, £30.00
This Wednesday Addams inspired (I assume) dress has been my favourite thing to drool over this year, isn’t it just the perfect balance between edgy & cute!?

5. Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie, £16.99
I’ve recently developed an obsession with scented candles (it must have something to do with blogging so much!) and Yankee Candles are by far my favourite. This sounds like the perfect christmassy scent to me and it seems to be ever so popular judging by the stock levels!

Do you have any specific christmas wishes? I know it’s superficial but making wish lists is so much fun!




  1.' December 11, 2013 / 12:40 am

    I have a practical list this year, but I think I really do need those boots! Great list!

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