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In 2011, I moved out of my parents’ house (and country) and came to Liverpool to start my undergraduate degree. During my student years, I lived in all sorts of temporary accommodations, usually no longer than a year or two, and there was never much point in decorating or spending much money to make my home feel like, well, a home. Now that we’re a bit more settled, I make more of an effort to make the house feel cosy and creating a space we enjoy spending time in. I’m not great at it (yet) and I learn every day! One of the things I’ve read again and again is that cushions make all the difference. They’re cheap(ish) and they can easily be exchanged and stored away until the right season comes round again. It’s a decorating idea I’m more than willing to try, so I’ve been trying to source some affordable but cute christmas cushions. I’ve shared my favourites below! Just be careful when you’re buying – some of these are cushion covers only, so you’ll need to have a cushion to fit them onto!
playful christmas cushions

First up: playful christmas cushions. Whenever I’m looking for home inspiration, I always find myself drawn to little details that are just plain cute, even if they’re a bit over the top. They always seem to work really well when the balance is just right (think plain grey sofa with a monochrome throw and a few mismatched novelty cushions). I’ve picked out my favourite playful cushions above. Just how cute is the dinosaur snowglobe design? I’m definitely buying that for Isla!

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. NEXT, £12

2. NEXT, £16

3. ASDA, £6

4. ASDA, £6

5. ASDA, £6

6. AMAZON, £11.67

7. AMAZON, £2.15

8. AMAZON, £0.59


festive christmas cushions

I’ve really been into golds and monochromes this year, I feel like they give a room such a fresh, clean look. I especially love the last one in this set. Those gold polka dots are everything!

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. H&M, £6.99

2. H&M, £6.99

3. H&M, £6.99

4. TESCO, £12

5. TESCO, £12

6. AMAZON, £2.48

7. ASDA, £6

8. H&M, £3.99

red and neutral christmas cushions

Finally, you can never go wrong with a bit of red and grey at Christmas! I actually have the first Christmas cushion in this set, and I love it. It’s what inspired me to find a few more pillowy additions to our household in the first place!

1. NEXT, £12

2. H&M, 3.99

3. ASDA, £5

4. ASDA, £6

5. ASDA, £6

6. AMAZON, £5.95

7. AMAZON, £5.60

8. NEXT, £10

Happy shopping! If you have any super-secret amazing christmas cushions you know of, let me know! I’d love to check them out.



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