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Before I had Isla, I never realised just how much stuff exists specifically for babies. Some of it is absolutely necessary, some fills genuine gaps in the market and some is just completely ridiculous, but the only way to find what you really need is by trial and error. For us, bath time is a fixed point in our bedtime routine, and as such, we want to make it a fun, but also soothing cue to wind down the day and get ready for sleep. Earth Friendly Baby‘s bath products have been one of the few products we’ve bought and loved from the start and we use them for every one of Isla’s baths and showers.


Finding vegan baby toiletries has been a bit of a challenge, either they’re completely inaccessible in the UK, or they’re full of nasties which I don’t want near my baby’s delicate skin, or they are incredibly expensive. I was chuffed to find Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Shampoo and Bodywash and Earth Friendly Baby Soothing Chamomile Bubble Bath, which, despite being made by Lansinoh, of all brands, is certified vegan.

Isla has yet to voice her opinion in a manner I can understand, but so far we’ve used both the lavender and chamomile varieties and she hasn’t complained. They smell very nice, but not too strong, and they seem to be very gentle on her skin, which is important to me as her skin was incredibly dry for the first few weeks of her life.

We’ll certainly continue purchasing Earth Friendly Baby products until Isla grows out of the baby phase (sob). They seem to make both body lotions and massage oils as well, which I’m hoping to try soon! 

Do you have any vegan baby toiletries that you love? If so, let me know in the comments!


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