5 Kitchen Utensils I Could Not Live Without

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Another prompted post, but one I find quite interesting. Which five kitchen gadgets could you absolutely not do without?5. Scales. We now have a digital set, thank god, before we were using wonky analog ones that couldn’t distinguish between 25g and 75g. They’re invaluable when it comes to British baking recipes and weighing out food portions.

4. Measuring cups. These essentially have the same purpose as scales, but I’m ranking them higher because I much prefer recipes using cups and spoons rather than weight measurements. There is nothing as satisfying as scooping out a cup a flour, and it certainly beats the mess I always make when I’m pouring it into a bowl on the scales. But maybe I’m just excessively messy.

3. Whisk. Whisks are obviously great for, you know, whisking things, but Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes have also taught me something far more interesting: when you’re too lazy to sift your dry ingredients, chuck them in a bowl an give them a whisk before you add them to your wet ingredients. It will get rid of the worst lumps and lighten the flour up a bit.

2. Wooden spoon. You would think that when you have whisks and electric mixers and the like you wouldn’t use wooden spoons much, but I have three and they end up having to be washed every day, so I assume we must use them every day!

1. Spatula. Do I need to explain this? How do you live without a spatula?

What are your favourites? And if you live without a spatula, I would love to hear more about how you do it!




  1. September 24, 2013 / 5:41 pm

    A scale and a sharp knife!

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