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Mallorca East Coast
Hello! I haven’t written in a few days because we just came back from our holiday to Mallorca and then celebrated Isla’s birthday. Time for a much-needed catch up, along with my three top tips and tricks to being vegan on holiday!

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It’s been a big year for us in a lot of ways with new jobs, a toddler, one MA completion and another MA in the works. We’ve been really looking forward to spending some quality time together, with family and just taking a week away from every day life. Together with my extended family, we stayed in a Mallorcan finca. The house was stunning – right on the cliff tops, with access to the ocean. We’ve only been back home for a few days and I miss it already!

Isla had an amazing time seeing her family, and she especially enjoyed the beach. She even splashed in the waves, although she made sure everyone within a three mile radius knew that ‘it’s VERY cold’. She also had plenty of (vegan) ice cream and probably a few too many cookies. To be little and on holiday, eh?

For most of the time, we stayed on the west coast. I really enjoyed exploring Porto Petro, Cala d’Or and Portocolom – I would recommend a visit to all three if you every find yourself holidaying in the area. Portocolom is especially worthwhile, we went Stand Up Paddleboarding there and I’ve never had so much fun in my life. We didn’t have much of a chance to visit a farmers’ market, but they take place almost every day of the week in various little towns, so it’s on my list for the next trip! That brings me to my first recommendation to being vegan on holiday…

1. Go with the local offerings

No matter where you go and at what time of year, there are bound to be local dishes and food items that are suitable for vegans and absolutely delicious. We were lucky to be visiting Mallorca at the right time of year and got to enjoy freshly-pressed juices, 500g tubs of guacamole and the most amazing selection of fruits and vegetables! There were farm shops everywhere we went, selling everything from avocados to dates to cabbages. During our day trip to the mountain town Soller (SO worth visiting) my mum bought Isla the most delicious fresh juice from a tiny little shop. I absolutely recommend going into small, local food shops and having a good look at what’s available. Chances are, you’ll discover something absolutely delicious!

2. Go self-catered

If this is an option for you, I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s usually easy to find plenty of vegan options in supermarkets, but vegan options in restaurants can still be difficult to locate in some smaller towns. Last week, we found ourselves in a restaurant that served almost nothing but meat and ended up having a starter each for dinner! This is semi-ideal, especially if you’ve been active all day and are travelling with small children who only like pasta *coughs*. While you probably don’t want to cook every single day of your holiday, self-catered accommodation takes away some of the pressure – if you find a great option to eat out at, wonderful, if not, pasta marinara it is! 

3. Impulse-buy

Honestly. Do the one thing you’d try to avoid when doing your food shop at home and just pick up everything that looks good. I’ve made some of my best discoveries abroad this way – they usually involve amazing soy ice cream that I bought after repeatedly being told not to because there was a long car journey ahead. I’ve never regretted it once! Not impulse-buying has also led to some of my biggest food regrets. If you see something that’s vegan on holiday, you can never be too sure whether you’ll find it again in unfamiliar surroundings. For instance, this year I discovered some delicious-looking Seitan burgers is a supermarket in Campos. I didn’t buy them because we had no plans to grill and I thought they’d go to waste. We ended up grilling the next day, but not finding a single veggie burger in any of the shops near us. So if you see something that looks interesting, seize the opportunity and go for it! You might end up regretting it if you don’t!

What are you best recommendations for being vegan on holiday? Let me know in the comments!




  1. October 19, 2017 / 1:09 pm

    I always try to go self catering if I can! Or if I can’t, at least find a hotel with a fridge and a microwave so I can store and heat food. It’s much easier that way and takes the pressure off finding somewhere to eat for every single meal. Mallorca looks absolutely beautiful!

    • hannahcolquhoun
      October 23, 2017 / 7:50 pm

      I agree! I find holidays much more relaxing if I know I can just chuck some pasta into a pot and call it a day if we can’t find anywhere suitable!

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