Review – The VeganKind Box 7 and Life Lately

Hello everyone! I’ve finally finished all my exams/research projects/essays and the long wait for results has begun. I’m not sure how I’ going to cope with the nerves, but I have lots of stuff planned, so hopefully the 6 weeks will pas quickly. Of course, I’m going to get back into blogging after neglecting this page for so long… I just didn’t have the time, and I don’t want blogging to become something I have to do, like another chore. I’ve found a job for the next four weeks, and I’m hoping that the experience will help me find something permanent over the next few months. Finishing uni has really been reminding me that the real world is approaching fast and that I need to start earning my keep. I’ve been working part-time throughout my degree and have my fingers crossed that I have enough work experience to get a job that will help me support myself through my Master’s Degree. On a much lighter note: A week before my exam, when my stress levels were pretty much peaking, the latest TVK box landed on my doorstep! I’ve been enjoying this service so much, and I’ve heard that this summer will see the launch of their very first beauty box! Oh my! As usual, 10 pence from each box go to charity and a delicious recipe was included. This month, it was Gluten Free SCD and Veggie‘s Roasted Butternut Squash Dip! TVK Box 7 The first thing in this month’s box was Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps (full size). I got the Piri Piri flavour and it was absolutely delicious. I love sweet potatoes in any form and have a real weakness for crisps, so these were a great treat. Second was a pack of Hot-Pots Vanilla Spice instant porridge (full-size). The addition of powdered coconut milk means that all you have to do is add boiling water. I had this for breakfast, but it appears to be the ideal thing to throw in your bag for an instant hot lunch when you fancy something a bit different! A non-food item, this Bio-D laundry liquid was the perfect addition to this month’s box (sample size). I love the brand and buy several of their products regularly. We’ve tried their laundry powered before, but never the liquid, so I’m very interested how my laundry will turn out with this! Scoff Chocolate Fudge Oh my word. I can’t even describe this. Like I said, the box arrived at a super stressful time, and the Scoff chocolate fudge didn’t last long, and Jakey didn’t get to try a lot of it (full size). It’s so delicious and I’ll definitely be buying this again if I can find an occasion that warrants it! Dormouse Tea Company provided a delicious breakfast tea, along with several empty teabags (full size). I’ve only had one cup of this so far, but it’s beautifully mild and perfect to wake up with. Lastly, these Golden Apple raw hazelnut and peppermint biscuits were the only item I wasn’t quite sure about (full size). Jake loved them and they were super cute heart shapes, but I’m just not a fan of peppermint in biscuits. In fact, I only really like the flavour in tea or with chocolate. I think I would try these again in a different flavour though, as I absolutely loved the concept! The products in the box came to £11.85 (without the laundry sample), so as usual, your £10 are a good investment. What did you think of this month’s box?

The VeganKind Box can be purchased from the company’s website for £10.00 + £2.95 shipping each month. Disclaimer: I receive a 50% blogging discount on this service. This does not affect the honesty of my review.


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